Annual Compliance Training

2021 Feature Topic
Living Our Values at Georgia Tech
The 2021 Annual Compliance Training will help define Living Our Values Everyday at Georgia Tech, reinforce USG’s ethical standards and cyber security requirements, and remind you about the importance of research integrity, reporting external activities, and navigating foreign influence. 

The Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E. GT) campaign advances the values that are central to the Georgia Tech strategic plan, which drives us to increase the impact we have in the world – through ambitious goals and bold actions. To reach our goals, our community's actions must be firmly grounded in our shared values, including behaviors, practices, policies, processes, and rewards that demonstrate our commitment to Georgia Tech:

Students are our top priority.
We strive for excellence.
We thrive on diversity.
We celebrate collaboration.
We champion innovation.
We safeguard freedom of inquiry and expression.
We nurture the well-being of our community.
We act ethically.
We are responsible stewards

Annual Compliance Training
October 25 – December 19, 2021
Each year, all employees (faculty, staff including Tech Temps and student workers) are given roughly 3 weeks to complete the Institute's Annual Compliance Training. As a public entity, Georgia Tech employees are stewards of others’ resources and are required to complete a regular review of policies and topics. 
The program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and includes modules on:
The University System of Georgia’s (USG) Ethics
Information Security/Cyber Security 
Foreign Influence, Research Integrity, and Conflict of Interest
Annual Conflict of Interest Attestation
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